Welcome to Platin Audio

Music is our PASSION

Design and simplicity is our FOCUS

Quality and sustainability is our PROMISE

Who is Platin?

Platin was founded in Denmark, where audio and design is deeply rooted in the culture. We believe the audio experience is very much defined by the love and care taken during the development process, choice of material, the visual design as well as its simplicity and connectivity.

The meaning of Platin

Platin is the Danish word for Platinum which is one of the rarest elements on the planet. As one of the precious metals it has a high value that cannot be replicated, corroded or broken down. Much like its namesake Platin sits atop the regular and Platin is not only our name but our goal.


At Platin we take great pride in our innovations. Platin is on the leading edge when it comes to wireless integration. We believe in the personal freedom to Listen to what you want, When you want, Wherever you want At Platin we believe in our environmental responsibility and we have a clear vision about sustainability and green technology integration. Wherever possible we utilize green materials and optimize our processes.

Music is personal

Platin is dedicated to provide a unique product platform for your personal listening experience. At Platin we take our music personally and believe you should too. hear music as the artist intended and be fully immersed in the song rather than listening from a distance. Our highly dedicated team of designers, visionaries, builders and dreamers form the “Brain Trust” we proudly call Platin. Whether in Denmark or in China we are of the same mind, goal and ethics. Music is a very personal and emotional experience and we believe with Platin you will be touched. Experience the Platin Life today

Upcoming Events

CEDIA San Diego Sept. 5-9, 2017 CES Las Vegas January 9-12, 2018, NAMM Anaheim, CA January 25-28, 2018,


What we Love


Wireless over proprietary, local networks, WiFi and BT...we love 'em all

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Voice control

Google Home & Amazon Alexa...we have you covered

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Dolby Atmos

Why we love Atmos

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Apple & Android

We develop your APPs in both corners!