Milan 2.0 WiSA Speakers


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  • Milan 2.0 WiSA Speakers

Milan 2.0 WiSA Speakers


Incl. VAT and EU shipping

As an add-on to an existing WiSA HT system or as main speakers combined with a WiSA HT subwoofer, we are offering a 2.0 pack of our renowned Platin Milan satellites.

The Milan 2.0 pack comes with

  • 2pcs Milan satellite speakers
  • Power cords for all speakers

Each speaker comes with a built in WiSA HT receiver, two-channel amplification for woofer and tweeter, to achieve true bi-amping configuration. The crossover and protection are handled by the built-in DSP.

Milan is a Scandinavian minimalist design with classic wood and black color scheme. The internal skeleton can be felt through the sound-transparent mesh, small but beautiful, simple but refined, perfectly suited to the modern home environment.

Milan is built with the latest generation of WiSA wireless protocol, supporting lossless audio transmission, with transmission quality up to 24-bit/96KHz, twice as high as traditional CD sound quality, reaching Hi-Fi (high fidelity) level sound quality, which can truly restore the sound effect of movies with high sound pressure and dynamics, reproducing the smallest details in the sound, so you can enjoy the top audio-visual feast without leaving home.

  • Milan Satellite Speakers 2-pack Speeds & Feeds
    • Uncompressed, 24-bit, 48KHz quality – better than MP3 and CD
    • Less than 5.2 millisecond latency for picture-perfect lip sync
    • 1 microsecond synchronization between speakers for amazing accuracy and clarity
    • Setup in minutes, not hours


      • Dimensions: 110mm W x 150mm H x 83mm D
      • 3'' woofer
      • 0.75'' tweeter 
      • Frequency response: 80 Hz - 20 Hz
      • Class II region specific power cord


    Platin is on the leading edge when it comes to wireless integration

    Great sound

    Enjoy music the way it was intended – with great sound


    At Platin we care about the state of the world and therefore sustainability is in focus