WiSA HT Surround Hub and Surround Hub X


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  • WiSA HT Surround Hub and Surround Hub X

WiSA HT Surround Hub and Surround Hub X


Incl. VAT and EU shipping


WiSA HT Surround Hub is a digital, lossless surround system with everything inside, that you expect from a traditional AV-receiver. It contains HDMI switching, decoding, streaming and various audio inputs. It comes with a 2-way RF smart-remote with full control and feedback, allowing you to hide away the Surround Hub. It will act as a bridge between most audio sources and WiSA HT enabled speakers for playback.

There are two versions of the WiSA HT Surround Hub, both featuring immersive surround formats from Dolby Atmos in 5.1.2 format. The Surround Hub X includes both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding up to 5.1.2 formats.

The WiSA HT Surround Hub will connect with any WiSA HT certified speaker in the market. Since WiSA HT protocol is a lossless transport, working up to 24bits/96kHz, the device takes advantage of the digital nature of the transport enabling a package of internal digital signal processing (DSP). The DSP is lossless at 32bits/96kHz, to ensure no degradation of audio quality is introduced.

The enclosure material for the WiSA HT Surround Hub is specifically chosen, to allow a strong and stable mechanical strength, combined with maximized wireless signal quality from the device – no metal housing is used, to ensure optimal internal working conditions.

Advanced DSP-core

The WiSA HT device features a premium level decoding DSP inside. It is capable of handling decoding of immersive surround for Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 and DTS:X 5.1.2 (Surround Hub X only). It supports upmixing any content to multichannel playback, utilizing all the speaker channels connected.

The WiSA HT Surround Hub also features an accessible DSP-core, for which we have a system in the works, that will allow users to access it freely and adapt the system to personal preference. It comes with automated features and manual features, that allows anything from out-of-the-box easy setup up to expert level of manual adaptation. Your skill level is the limit of how well you can get the system to work.


The WiSA HT Surround Hub supports a wide range of streaming services like:

  • Google ChromeCast
  • AirPlay 2
  • Spotify Connect and Spotify Hi-Fi (when launched)
  • DLNA
  • Bluetooth 5.2

Cabled ethernet and wi-fi network

The WiSA HT Surround Hub offers both Wi-Fi and ethernet connection for network access. The device will automatically prioritize cabled network connection over Wi-Fi in case both are used. Using ethernet connection is recommended where possible, as it ensures the most stable streaming experience.


The system comes with a delicate aluminum 2-way RF smart remote, which essentially replaces the need for an on-product display and allows you to hide away the WiSA HT Surround Hub. The remote has live visual indications for the essential functions – and it enables the on-screen display of the device. It also allows you to control the playback of your streaming.

Hi-resolution playback

The optical inputs support hi-resolution playback up to 24bits/192kHz. Any DSP-feature applied in the DSP-core will be applied to these inputs as well as any other input.


The WiSA HT Surround Hub comes with 3pcs HDMI 2.0b inputs and 1pc HDMI (eARC/ARC) output. This allows you to connect your TV and up to 3 HDMI sources directly with the WiSA HT Surround Hub. The desired HDMI input will automatically be chosen and shown on your TV. You can adjust the volume from your TV remote, eliminating the need for manually operating the device for TV playback. The WiSA HT Surround Hub supports 2-channel and multichannel PCM audio, as well as any surround format from Dolby or DTS (DTS only for version Surround Hub X).

Analog line input

The WiSA HT Surround Hub has a stereo analog line input with phono connectors. The analog input circuitry of the Surround Hub is using a fully balanced Analog to Digital converter, converting the analog signal to 24bits/96kHz directly at the input sockets – allowing as pure a path as possible. After converted to digital PCM audio, the signal is treated with equal respect as the digital inputs. The line input supports voltages up to 2.5Vrms. This limitation in input voltage is there to optimize the performance of the analog playback.

Power supply

The Surround Hub is powered by an external DC power supply, simply to secure optimum working conditions for the product. The absence of high-voltage AC power in the product secures that signals are kept free from humming or magnetically induced noise from power transformers or converters. It is a clean DC powered device, optimized to get the most out of the precious audio signals fed into the device. Once the audio is digitized, we treat it with the respect it requires to leave the device again in perfect shape. This is what we mean by lossless reproduction.

  • WiSA HT wireless output: 

    • 8 discrete output channels, digital 24bits/96kHz lossless broadcast
    • Multiple speakers can connect to one channel, up to 16 speakers supported
    • Studio grade synchronization, <1sample drift
    • 6ms latency at 96kHz

    Decoding and playback:

    • Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital 5.1/7.1
    • DTS:X, DTS HD MA, DTS 5.1/7.1
    • Multichannel PCM, 2-channel PCM


      • Dolby Movie, Dolby Music, Dolby Night mode
      • DTS Neural X

      DSP functions: 

      • Flexible and customizable bass management system
      • Speaker distance setup
      • Speaker level setup
      • Lip-sync adjustment per input

      Speaker layout formats: 

      • 2.0/2.1
      • 3.0/3.1/3.0.2/3.1.2
      • 4.0/4.1/4.0.2/4.1.2
      • 5.0/5.1/5.0.2/5.1.2
      • 7.0/7.1

      Streaming playback: 

      • ChromeCast built in
      • AirPlay 2
      • Spotify Connect and Spotify Hi-Fi (when launched)
      • DLNA
      • Bluetooth 5.2
      • More will come later...


      • 3pcs HDMI 2.0b inputs
      • 1pc HDMI 2.0b output with ARC/eARC support
      • 2pcs TOSlink optical inputs, supporting up to 24bits/192kHz
      • 1pc stereo analog line input
      • 1pc ethernet network connection


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