Monaco 2.0 WiSA Speakers


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  • Monaco 2.0 WiSA Speakers

Monaco 2.0 WiSA Speakers


Incl. VAT and EU shipping

As an add-on to an existing WiSA HT system or as main speakers combined with a WiSA HT subwoofer, we are offering a 2.0 pack of our renowned Platin Monaco satellites.

The Monaco 2.0 pack comes with

  • 2pcs Monaco satellite speakers
  • Power cords for all speakers

Each speaker comes with a built in WiSA HT receiver, two-channel amplification for woofer and tweeter, to achieve true bi-amping configuration. The crossover and protection are handled by the built-in DSP.

Taking the deeds from traditional hi-fi, we have created the Platin Monaco. The enclosures are built from solid HDF and covered with a hard satin paint. The cabinets truly are a work of art. Drivers are mounted from behind, assuring no screws or sharp edges will diffract the sound.

The acoustic tuning is performed and certified by the world-famous THX™ Lab, renowned for their dedication to best performance in home theater systems – and we must admit they did a fabulous job on the Monaco speakers. Also, with its ported bass system, the bass extends well below what you will normally expect from a speaker this size. Should you want even more bass, you can add any WiSA HT subwoofer to your system.

  • Monaco Satellite Speakers 2-pack Speeds & Feeds
    • Tuned by THX™ for superior audio quality
    • Uncompressed, 24-bit, 48KHz quality – better than MP3 and CD
    • Less than 5.2 millisecond latency for picture-perfect lip sync
    • 1 microsecond synchronization between speakers for amazing accuracy and clarity
    • Setup in minutes, not hours


      • Dimensions: 110mm W x 170mm H x 150mm D
      • 3'' woofer
      • 0.75'' tweeter
      • Frequency response: 70 Hz - 20 Hz
      • Class II region specific power cord


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