Zen Microphone


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  • Zen Microphone

Zen Microphone


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Elevate your sound experience in 10 seconds with the Zen Mic Room Correction

Use the Zen Microphone to enhance your listening experience whether you use Android or iOS.

The Zen Microphone enables room calibration of your speaker(s) and thereby creates a clean, powerful, and enhanced listening experience. Together with our Room EQ app the microphone calibrates room acoustics and enhance the listening experience. The Zen Microphone collects the room acoustic data during a measurement of 10-60 seconds, whereafter the data is transferred via network to the Room EQ app to be processed.

This easy to use microphone enables all users to enhance their listening experience.

Get the best room measurements by following these simple guidelines:

Cover the room
  • To get the best measurement, move around the room. Make sure you measure in different heights and cover the entire room.
Keep distance of 1.5 m
  • Stand 1.5 meters or more away from the speaker(s) for optimal measurements of the room.

Face your speakers
  • Do not get in between the phone and the speaker(s), as this affects the measurement.
10 seconds minimum
  • Continue movement around the room for approximately 60 seconds. After 10 seconds the test can be stopped if the entire room has been coved.


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