Monaco 2.1 Edition

Freedom of Wireless    

Wireless freedom means more than being able to stream Spotify from your phone via Bluetooth. Freedom to move to any room without interruption, freedom to play any track on your home network from your phone or TV. Freedom of true multi-room control or freedom to mix and match Platin devices throughout the home.

Now add extremely low latency and this is the perfect system for TV, gaming desktop or bedroom speakers

Catering to the lifestyle consumer, Monaco has been designed in fun and energetic colors to offer something very different in the home theater, desktop and streaming music markets. Monaco 2.1 Edition is available in red, white and black (with additional yellow and orange released at a future date)


The M21LE uses Platin technology to break down barriers with your content, home environment along with serving all your audio needs including your TV soundbar, listening in amazing detail your favorite recordings and portable enough to move to the back yard BBQ. M21LE also is the perfect solution for your gaming desktop or your Xbox den.  The only limitation is fighting over who’s using it.

Oh wait we’ve tackled that too! All Platin enabled devices can work together or in their own group meaning once you have as little as 4 speakers the options become exponential and you start to achieve wireless freedom.

Wireless freedom means more than being able to stream Spotify from your phone via Bluetooth.

  • Freedom to move freely anywhere on your home network without missing a beat.
  • Freedom to play your favorite playlist from your computer in the den from the living room.
  • Freedom of true multi-room control
  • Freedom to stream any audio signal to any room in the house such as Vinyl, CD’s and even 8 tracks
  • Freedom to take out of a WiFi environment and use in stand-alone mode which one of your devices will act as the router


Key Features

  • As part of the Monaco family this system is offered in the same rich colour choices giving consumers options in a very black and white speaker world.
  • Harnessing Platin technology allowing for multiroom, multisource and a multitude of device choices
  • Monaco’s award winning sound with room filling clarity and bass response

Easy APP control iOS or Android

Stream from anywhere on your network

Low latency perfect for TV or gaming

Analog line in allows you to stream your CD player or even your old vinyl

Set up multiple zones across your network

Works with Amazon Echo Dot