WiSA HT Stereo Hub


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  • WiSA HT Stereo Hub

WiSA HT Stereo Hub


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WiSA HT Stereo Hub is a digital, lossless Hi-Fi system with an advanced DSP-core inside – combined with network-based streaming and Bluetooth playback. All these features combined in one single compact device.

Stereo Hub will connect with any WiSA HT certified speaker in the market - and when combined with our advanced Platin Harmony APP, you unlock a whole new world of features for this device. Since Stereo Hub and WiSA HT transport protocol is lossless and digital, we take the advantage of that by allowing our Stereo Hub to utilize an advanced package of digital signal processing (DSP) processing. All running lossless at 96kHz/32bits internally to ensure no loss is introduced. Should you want to bypass this DSP-core, it can be done by disabling all processing internally.

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The material for the Stereo Hub enclosure is specifically designed to allow as strong and stable signal connection between the Stereo Hub and the WiSA speakers – no metal housing is used, to ensure optimum working conditions. So, what may appear as a cheap choice of material is indeed the opposite – the very best we could find.

Platin Harmony APP

Once your Stereo Hub is connected to your home network, you can configure your 2.0 or 2.1 system freely using the Platin Harmony APP by following below steps from your listening position:

  1. Connect your WiSA HT speakers with the Stereo Hub.
  2. Configure each speaker’s channel setting by drag-and-drop in the APP.
  3. Set your crossover frequencies, speaker levels and distances to calibrate the system to your preference and performance.

The APP also allows you to do streaming playback-control and album art showing. You can adjust volume and change the input of the device. It also allows you free access to the DSP-core of the Stereo Hub.

Advanced DSP-core

The Stereo Hub comes with an accessible DSP-core – for which we have developed an APP-based room EQ tool. The APP has the advanced algorithm integrated, which allows capturing your systems acoustic behavior in your room – by utilizing the powerful calculation power of modern smart-phones, we can calculate an optimized correction for your system in your room in just a few seconds – and transfer it to the Stereo Hub. The procedure can be completed in less than 60 seconds – and the improvement is significantly bigger than almost any equipment replacement you can imagine.

The system can use iPhone’s built-in microphone (iPhone 6S and newer are supported and calibrated) or we offer our Zen Microphone, which is an OS agnostic solution (works with both iOS and Android), which is a wireless, reference microphone connected to your Wi-Fi network to replace the built-in microphone.

Should more tweaking be desired, we have an advanced Manual EQ tool available in the APP. It allows you to access the DSP-core of the Stereo Hub directly and modify playback freely. It will show a curve of how the EQ is added, and you can do the adjustments in real-time from your listening position. It allows you to store up to 3 presets, which are stored locally in the Stereo Hub for next time.


The stereo hub supports a large variety of streaming services like:

  • Google ChromeCast
  • AirPlay 2
  • Spotify Connect and Spotify Hi-Fi (when launched)
  • Roon (if speakers are certified with our device)
  • DLNA
  • Bluetooth


The system also comes with a 2-way smart remote, which essentially replaces the need for an on-product display – and allows you to hide away the Stereo Hub. The remote has LED’s indicating the information you would normally see in your products display – like:

  • Volume information
  • Input selection
  • Power status
  • Mute status

It also allows you to control the playback of your streaming from the remote.

Hi-resolution playback

All digital inputs (optical, coax and USB) support up to 24bits/192kHz input signals. DSP-features will be applied in the DSP-core to any input according to the selected settings in the APP.


The Stereo Hub also comes with a versatile HDMI(ARC) audio input. This allows you to connect your TV directly with the Stereo Hub – and the input will automatically change to the HDMI input upon power ON the TV – and you can adjust the volume from your TV remote – eliminating the need for manually operating the device for TV playback. The Stereo Hub only supports 2-channel PCM input, so you need to adjust your TV output to be 2-channel PCM, to work with the stereo hub.

Analog phono and AUX inputs

The Stereo Hub has two analog inputs – one based on RCA/phono connectors and one based on 3.5mm jack-connector. The analog input circuitry of the Stereo Hub is using a fully balanced Analog to Digital converter, converting the analog signal to 24bits/96kHz directly at the input sockets - to have as short path as possible. After converted to digital PCM, signal is treated with equal respect as the digital inputs. The phono input supports voltages up to 2.5Vrms and the AUX input supports up to 1.25Vrms. This limitation in input voltage is there to optimize the performance of the analog playback.

Power supply

The Stereo Hub is powered by an external DC power supply, simply to secure optimum working conditions for the product. The absence of high-voltage AC power in the product secures that signals are kept free from humming or magnetically induced noise from power transformers or converters. It is a clean DC powered device – optimized to get the most out of the precious audio signals fed into the device. Once it is digital – we treat it with the respect it requires to leave the device again in perfect shape. This is what we mean by lossless reproduction.

  • Inputs:


    • Google ChromeCast (Wi-Fi)
    • Apple AirPlay (Wi-Fi)
    • Spotify Connect (Wi-Fi)
    • DLNA (Wi-Fi)
    • Bluetooth 

    Direct inputs:

    • 3pcs optical TOSlink inputs, support up to 24bits/192kHz
    • 1pc coax TOSlink inputs, support up to 24bits/192kHz
    • 1pc USB/PC/MAC input. Supports up to 24bits/192kHz
    • 1pcs HDMI (ARC) input
    • Line input, stereo RCA
    • 3.5mm analog AUX/optical combined connector


    • WiSA speaker system setup
    • Playback control
    • Remote control
    • System setup
    • Automatic APP based room EQ system
    • Manual system EQ 


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