Platin Audio is built by a team with more than 30 years of experience within audio electronics and have now decided to share this knowledge. For more than six years we have brought great sound and solutions to other companies all over the world.

Our vast knowledge within the field allow us to create products that prioritize sound while still being affordable. Furthermore, our team combines knowledge from all over the world, from the clean and modern design from Scandinavia, to the compact electronics from China.

Music is our Passion

Platin was founded in Denmark where music and design are deeply rooted in the culture. Platin was born from the combined love of music and beauty, and the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy music the way it was intended – with great sound.

Here at Platin, we believe music to be a very personal and emotional experience; sound is not only a part of our daily life but can be a great part in bringing joy, energy, and color to our lives. We are deeply passionate about sound as we believe great sound can help enrichen our lives – no matter your age. We believe in the personal freedom to listen to

what you want
when you want
wherever you want

Focus on design, simplicity, quality, and sustainability

Platin is the Danish word for Platinum which is one of the rarest elements on the planet. As one of the precious metals it has a high value that cannot be replicated, corroded, or broken down. Much like its namesake Platin sits atop the regular – Platin is not only our name but our goal.

At Platin we want to create the best experience for the user, therefore we take great care to combine our knowledge and experience of both mechanical and industrial design to create the best products. Our unique take on simplicity, connectivity, love, and care in choice of best material for the right product make the Platin difference.

At Platin we take great pride in our innovations. Platin is on the leading edge when it comes to wireless integration, but our years of experience in the audio industry also allows us to excel at creating price competitive products. Our highly dedicated team of designers, visionaries, builders, and dreamers form the “Brain Trust” we proudly call Platin. Whether in Denmark or in China we are of the same mind, goal, and ethics.

At Platin we believe in our environmental responsibility and we have a clear vision about sustainability and green technology integration. Wherever possible we utilize green materials and optimize our processes.

Experience the Platin Life today.