Platin Solutions is a program developed to bridge electronics and loudspeaker development. The products from Platin Solutions are only offered to industry registered brands as building blocks for products.

The thought behind the products is to enable anyone to integrate electronics into speaker systems. A line of products has been developed to meet various performance- and cost targets, leading to the shortest possible time-to-market and keep investments at a minimum.

All platforms are ready for market, fully matured and certified alone. Should some of the platforms not meet the exact requirements, we are always open to adjust. Just reach out - and we will make a plan for this.

These products have been developed based on our long experience from the loudspeaker and electronics industry. Therefore all products are made to find the right balance between cost and performance. We leave nothing to chance.


Platin Solutions Global
Denmark, Aarhus
Tel: +45 26 22 43 98